Occupation Description of Physical Therapy Assistants

Physical therapy is one health occupation that can’t be handled by the therapist alone. Generally people requiring physical therapy may have several version of physical disability which may render them partly or completely incapable of performing many physical duties. As such, the physiotherapist requires the help of a physical therapy helper to treat the patients.… [Continue Reading]

Information based on Wages Received by Phlebotomists

The occupation of a phlebotomist is to accept samples of blood from patients’ body and afterward subject it for a number of tests. Since blood extracting is an day-to-day procedure, phlebotomists are in frequent need at hospitals clinics in addition to additional health associations that need blood extracting, sampling in addition to testing. Despite the… [Continue Reading]

Actual Programs in Ultrasound Technology

Ultrasound technicians are also labeled as sonographers as they use sound energy for this reason as to study a individual’s internal structures and bodily developments and diseases. This assists them to study patients in a complete way and offer all of the crucial details required them to provide the appropriate prognosis. There are many health… [Continue Reading]

Snomobile Trails


Action packed snowmobiling

The first time I rode a snowmobile, I made it about 10 feet before being sucked into a snow hole next to a tree and got hopelessly stuck – the snow was all of 10″ deep too. I’ve blown through stuff twice that deep on my quad without breaking a sweat. Luckily it was in […]


Snowmobiling- tips and tricks

A close friend of mine in Maine had a similar problem and he solved it in a unique way that might be food for thought. His problem was that the most direct route across his land for snowmobiles was between his house and barn/garage. He did not enjoy the noise and danger, and polite jawboning […]


Passion for snowmobiling

The wilderness act does not prohitbit “HUMAN POWERED MECHANIZED TRAVEL”, DON’T TWIST AROUND THE WORDING. Perhaps that is your take on “forms of mechanized travel”. I believe the people that wrote that doctrine had the intent of prohibiting smelly, drippy noise polluting machinery. Motorcycles, dune buggies, helicopters, Lear Jets, Hovercraft, skiboats, jet skis, Abrahms Tanks, […]


Tips to keep snowmobilers outside your yard

I’d like some hints on the best way to combat them, keep them out of my fields. I don’t want to inflict injury on any person, but I would like to do some damage to their machinery. I know all about posting signage, but let’s face it, most of these jerks can’t read, or don’t […]

Arctic Cat - Snowmobiles

Ski Doo Polaris


Snowmobile- club facilities

 I found the local snowmobile club easy to deal with. I told them my problem, and they moved the trail to the farthest edge of my land, 1/2 mile from the house. There have been studies of snowmobile use, and indeed users tend to be male, to like travelling in groups, to and from destinations […]


Features of a snowmobile

The snow mobiles allow someone to easily get into areas that they would not go otherwise. Sometimes these people are less than respectful and less than responsible. A group of snow mobilers did over $10,000 worth of damage (maybe more, it’s hard to assess since some of it we will never replace) to a barn […]


Snowmobilers destructive to property

I don’t want snowmobiles on my property because of problems I’ve had with them. I and others would like to see them held to the same laws as cars. But don’t run up the flag like that and go into hysterics… Every last one of them has a ID sticker clearly visible on the hood. […]


Snowmobiling-made more fun

Circumnavigation of Mt Spokane is a fun ride, but this had a dual purpose of a mapping project that Craig (hubby ) is working on for the ski patrol. This ride follows the drainage that clueless idiots drop into when they are going where they shouldn’t, and he needs to get specific coordinates going for […]

Arctic Snowmobiles

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Precautions for snomobiling

I wear a helmet more often than not. I’ve been riding motorcycles/snomobiles/bicycles since I was four…which is now longer ago than I care to think. But letting the government tell me I don’t have enough sense to make my own decisions scares me. And it should scare everyone else (no, I don’t belong to a […]


snowmobiling machines

ZR’s are great machines, Arctic Cat makes some awesome sleds. A lot like the bike world, snowmobiles are more about finding the right dealer and buying what color he sells for the most part. Some people are brand-specific and there’s a lot more bashing, but it seems more in fun.   The ZR 600 is […]


What a snowmobiler should know

The trouble is the machines themselves. If the Pope drove a snowmobile  on a mercy mission, the machine would still make too much noise. Were I a snowmobiler, I’d lobby the companies for ghost-quiet machines. Up where I have my house, snowmobiles aren’t too big a problem (in the mountains) – people riding them tend […]


Why some dont like snowmobilers

I bought two brand-new one this year for two reasons: reliability and noise. Noise regulations would not be a bad idea at all. I could support that for sure. I would also note that there are some regulations already, but they are not enforced. Motorcycles are by far the worst offenders in this respect, emission […]